Sun Ninja Stretch Tents are machine washable and tough!... but like any good ninja they are not infallible and need to be cared for properly by following these tips:

  • Wash on a cold, gentle cycle or hand wash with cold to lukewarm water. This will ensure the spandex material stays elastic and always returns to its original form.
  • Use a mild, bleach-free detergent.
  • Hang it up outside to air dry.
  • Don’t iron or tumble dry.

Take care of your Sun Ninja and it’ll take care of you!


Setup Your Tent In 3 Easy Setps

Don't let sunrays spoil your adventurous vacation

The tent is simple to assemble and takes only 5-10 min to set-up

01. Laying The Tent

Flattern the canopy and stretch the
sandbags to the corners and fill it with enough sand

02. Fill The Bag With Sand

Fill the bag with enough sand so that it stays firm. Close the bag by pulling the cord and stretch the bags to desired distance. Do this for all 4 sandbags.

03. Placing The Poles

Gently pull up the caanpoy and place the poles under it. Press the poles so it digs in the sand ensuring sturdy support.

And it's done! You are ready to go

You can also adjust it according to your desired position, arrangements and wind direction. It can also be shifted and relocated according to the daylight and sun's movement throughout the day.

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